AlphaOne Float Pod

Introducing, the AlphaOne by Pure Float Systems.

The AlphaOne is designed with consumers in mind. Engineered and built from the groud-up, we looked at every possible feature that should be included in a new, revolutionary design that will transform the world of floating. Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States, the AlphaOne is setting a new standard in commercial floatation therapy.

infinity edge filtration

Cleaning & sanitation made easy! Our patent pending infinity edge design allows for water, hair & other debris to safely flush over the edge into our sophisticated filtration system. No more water lines, salt or iron buildup! Provide a better, cleaner and more pure float experience!

Key benefits: Cleaner water & pods, less maintenance

easy entrance

Our low profile, side-entry entry cockpit design makes entry & exit extremely easy! Our grab bars and handles make climbing in and out a breeze. Our silent & simple sliding cockpit door allows customers to effortlessly close and open the AlphaOne.

Key benefits: Safer entry & exit, easier operation


Times are changing and having an easy to use interface that is upgradable is important. Our interface is designed so it can be used by anyone with little training but packed with tons of useful features. Unlock more potential from your pod with UI updates.

Key benefits: Easy to use, beautiful design

AlphaOne Engine & Components

The most important feature & component of the AlphaOne is the engine. We purposely over-engineered this component because it's the most important. Made from high-quality, medical & commercial grade materials, you can trust the AlphaOne engine to handle all types of use.


High-Powered Pump. Reduce turnover time.

Digital Flow Meter. Monitor water usage.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Longer life.

Industrial Grade Filter. Cleaner water.

Ozone Sensor & Static Mixer. Optional upgrade.

ambient heated Water & Air

Water will not cool down over the length of the float, due to ambient heating pads mounted to the tub. The heated air will limit humidity in the pod & allow airflow without a significant drop in air temperature. This will provide a better experience for customers.

Key benefits: Better experience, less chance for mildew

UV & Ozone sterilization

Just say no to chemicals. The AlphaOne utilizations UV and Ozone that is fully compliant with new NSF guidelines. Provide your customers with a better, more-natural float experience without the harsh chemical. Auto dosing, sensors & additional features are available.

Key benefits: Better experience, NSF compliant

modular construction & Install

The AlphaOne is a modular construction which makes manufacturing, building, shipping & installation much more easier & convenient. Modular design allows for replacement of components without having to replace an entire pod.

Key benefits: Easier installation, replacement of parts


advanced audio

Listen to standard audio tracks or sync your devices for a most customized experience! Our dual-transducer powered audio system provides a crystal clear audio for your customers allowing for a deeper, better float experience.

Key benefits: Audio connectivity, better float


Current pods are hard to maintain. With the AlphaOne, access through panels on all 4 sides of the pod allow access to those hard-to-reach areas. Access all the plumbing and components that make the AlphaOne great & prevent costly repairs.

Key benefits: Easy to maintain, save on repairs


Interested in branding your own AlphaOne for your business, sports team or practice? We have multiple options from colors to finishes and logo placements that will allow you to brand your AlphaOne to your business for a more streamlined experience.

Key benefits: Branding, immersive experience

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