The new revolution in float pods & floatation therapy

AlphaOne Highlight Features


infinity edge filtration
revolutionized cleaning

Water, hair & any other debris are flushed over the infinity edge into a sophisticated filtration system. No more water lines, buildup and an overall cleaner pod.

easy entry and exit
soft-touch slide cockpit door

Lower step-in height for customers allowing for easier entry and exit. Silent and simple sliding cockpit door requires little effort to open.

move & INSTALL in any space

Our modular design allows the AlphaOne to be installed in any location. Allows for improved shipping efficiency and easier replacement of components.


No More Chemicals

the AlphaOne utilizes new UV & Ozone sterilization that eliminates the needs for harsh chemicals. Provide your customers with a pure float experience.



Features, colors and additional customizing options are available. Allow your business to stand-out among the rest with custom logos, colors and more!


Buy or Lease

The AlphaOne is affordable but we understand everyone is different. We are excited to have options for both buying or leasing equipment.